Welcome to the web site of Jesper Arvidson - a Creative Technologist currently working at In2media as the Director of the creative and technical departments. This is where you can follow my work and ideas...I hope you stick around...

About Me

I started out developing sites in the beginning of the 90′s, worked as a freelancer when I studied and then got my first job as a developer in 2000. I got more and more responsibility, became a Tech Lead, then a Technical Project Manager and ended up being a part of the management with the responsibility for the technical department.Read more


I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of very talented guys and girls. Sometimes something extraordinary came out of it and the list of awards I have been a part of a team to recieve is a prove of that.Read more

Contact Me

It is always nice to get in touch with people. Both people I know, but also people I don't know... especially you, if the matter is a fact... So don't hesitate to contact me! Who knows what might happen of great things if you do so...Contact Me